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  • Have the Safe Haven Baby Boxes been tested?
    The Safe Haven Baby Box is tested. At every stage of design, development and deployment, the Box undergoes stringent testing. While there are no standards that exist, the Safe Haven Baby Box organization is developing standards by adopting the most stringent requirements. The ultimate test came on November 7, 2017 at the CoolSpring Fire Department. A courageous mother anonymously surrendered Baby Hope in the Safe Haven Baby Box located in Michigan City, IN. After the notification system notified the first responders flawlessly, she was safely received and evaluated under the Safe Haven Baby Box Protocol for Surrender and the laws of Indiana. It is noted the Box performed within the design parameters and the surrender is considered legal under the Indiana Safe Haven law.
  • Why are the Safe Haven Boxes not regulated by the FDA or the CSPC?
    It has been determined by the FDA that the Safe Haven Baby Box, like the baby drawers in Arizona, is not a medical device and does not require FDA approval. The baby box and the baby drawer are not available for sale to the public and do not require CSPC regulation
  • Are the Safe Haven Baby Boxes and baby drawers UL listed and approved?
    UL approval is not legally required and there is no legislation mandating certification by UL or any other agency, public or private in the US. SHBB partners with a third party for performance testing to ensure the baby boxes function properly.
  • Do baby boxes exist that are not from the Safe Haven Baby Boxes organization?
    Yes. In fact, “baby hatches” existed in one form or another for centuries and was quite common in medieval times. Modern versions appear in other countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Arizona also has baby drawers and are available at designated hospitals. (For more information, please see the back of this page.)
  • Is Safe Haven Baby Boxes the only organization that offers complete anonymity?
    For individuals contacting our National Safe Haven Crisis Hotline, contact is confidential and anonymous, should the caller wish. For individuals using our Safe Haven Baby Boxes, there are no cameras, so the individual remains anonymous. The Hotline and counselors are supervised by a Clinical Staff Psychologist with over 25 years of crisis pregnancy hotline experience. We will not ask for a name. We do ask for location so we can provide information on the laws that apply and resources that may be available. Our goal is to provide the mothers-in-crisis with the resources that allow themselves to stabilize their situation and have time to make a decision that is in the best interest of themselves and their child. While other organizations may, we can only confirm Safe Haven Baby Boxes and our National Safe Haven Crisis Hotline is the only organization that offers complete anonymity. Safe Haven Baby Boxes is thankful for all efforts to support the safe haven laws and for the availability of the Safe Baby Haven baby drawers at selected Banner Hospital locations in Arizona. The baby drawers have been around for a number of years and prove to be an additional option for mothers-in-crisis. Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. has taken extra steps with the Baby Box to ensure quality and safety when surrendering an infant. The diagram below includes pertinent information about both devices based on their protocols.
  • Facts about SHBB
    The Safe Haven Laws have been updated to include Safe Haven Baby Boxes (safety devices) in ​Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, Montana, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. There are over 200 active baby boxes currently in the United States. A growing number of communities are working on placing a Safe Haven Baby Box in a local hospital or fire station. Indiana has not had a death by illegal abandonment since the first baby box was made available in April 2016. The SHBB National Hotline has received over 9,000 call since inception. The SHBB National Hotline assisted with numerous surrenders. 49 babies have been safely surrendered in the Safe Haven Baby Boxes baby boxes. Three babies have been surrendered directly to emergency personnel in locations that have a Safe Haven Baby Box installed. Ohio’s abandonment rate continues to drop each year with additional baby box installations. Reports of opposition to the SHBB program were released before the SHBB program going live to the community (before April 2016). There have not been any substantial arguments against the program since.
  • Are the Baby Boxes medical devices?
    It has been determined by the FDA that the Safe Haven Baby Box, like the baby drawers in Arizona, is not a medical device and does not require FDA regulations. The Baby Box and the baby drawer are not available for sale to the public. FDA Determination Letter below.
  • How can I adopt a baby from Safe Haven?
    Currently, babies surrendered under the safe haven law, including using our Baby Boxes are relinquished to the Department of Children Services to begin the process of terminating parental rights and placing them with an adoptive family. Depending on your state, if you would like to be considered, contact your Department of Child services, and register as a foster parent with intent to adopt.
  • Resources
    Patent Documents (PDF) Safe Haven Registry English and Spanish (PDF) Arguments Against SHBB and Responses.Docx-2 (PDF) Michael Morrisey Statement/Court Documents(PDF) AR Model Legislation (PDF) FDA Device Determination Letter (PDF) State Safe Haven Law Statutes (XLSX) SHBB--Community Impact Statement (DOCX) Tradmark Certificate (PDF) SHBB Estimated Costs for Baby Boxes (PDF) Number of Infants Reported Abandoned Updated December 31, 2023 (PDF) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Number of Infants Reported Abandoned in Florida 2016-24 Status of HB 775 & SB 790 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Safe Haven Baby Boxes Policies and Procedures for Association with Foster Care and/or Adoption Agencies
  • What’s in the orange bag and why do they need to take it?
    It includes helpful resources for the birth mother (parent) SHBB FAQ's #1
  • How do you prevent someone from taking the baby out of the box that shouldn’t?
    The Baby Box automatically Locks once a baby is placed inside and the door is closed SHBB FAQ's #2
  • How do they know when a baby is inside the box?
    There are three failsafe silent alarms that notify personnel immediately SHBB FAQ's #3
  • How does the Baby keep from freezing or overheating inside the Baby Box?
    The Baby Box is climate controlled and keeps the ambient temperature at 74°F SHBB FAQ's #4
  • How does a Baby breathe inside the Baby Box?
    The Baby Box is well-ventilated. SHBB FAQ's #5
  • How long after a Baby is placed inside does it take before they are retrieved?
    The baby is retrieved rather quickly, usually in less than 2 minutes. SHBB FAQ's #6
  • If a mother/father changes their mind, can they open the Baby Box and get their Baby back?
    No they cannot open the Baby Box and get the baby back, but they can request to regain custody within the first 30-45 days from their local Department of Children Services. SHBB FAQ's #7
  • How can someone adopt a baby that has been surrendered to a Baby Box?
    DO NOT CALL SAFE HAVEN BABY BOXES! You will have to contact DCS to Inquire about adopting a safe haven baby. SHBB FAQ's #8
  • Can I have a Baby Box installed at my home?
    No! The Baby Box has to be installed on a designated safe haven location ie. fire station, hospital, EMT SHBB FAQ's #9
  • How do I get a Baby Box for my city?
    Contact the location that you would like to see the Baby Box at, like a Fire Station or a Hospital. If you aren’t sure how to get started email us at SHBB FAQ's #10

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